[mythtv] patch-proposal: MythVideo list view changes

Jeff Doozan mythtv at doozan.com
Mon Sep 8 16:26:24 EDT 2003

I've created the SQL necessary to generate a videogroups table based 
on the information in videometadata.

It works by taking the full path to the file, stripping off the base 
videos directory and the filename itself, and parsing each 
subdirectory into a group.  This will work for files up to 20 
subdirectories deep from the base video directory.

This should be enough for anyone looking to create a compatible GUI 
for group manipulation.

Since MySQL < 4.1 doesn't support subqueries or UPDATE with joined 
tables, the sql file is pretty large as it needs to create several 
temporary tables to accumulate the grouping information.


Anyone should be safe to run this, as it doesn't change anything that 
myth currently uses, it only adds some new data that this patch will 
eventually use.  It will create a backup of your videometadata table 
as videometadata_backup, so there's (hopefully) no chance of losing 

-- Jeff

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