[mythtv] Re:DVB alpha-0.4

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Sun Sep 7 22:14:30 EDT 2003

> >>Did you apply the dvbci.diff?
> >>
> >>I'm pretty sure this is it.
> >
> > I've definitely applied the dvbci.diff as I checked by
> > re-applying and it patch told me it had already been applied.
> Edward Wildgoose reported to me that his segfaults went away
> after he deleted dvbcam* and dvbsection*, and removed
> all reference to these from dvbrecorder*

Also, just to note that seeking seems to be broken in the latest 0.4 (well
at least the updates that you sent to me on Sat morning).  I definitely have
some recordings from a few days ago that play back absolutely fine now,
however, new stuff done with this code is doing strange things (basically it
has regressed to how it was before you fixed it a week or so back - rewind
doesn't work and fast forward works for a few secs and then the screen goes
green/black and frontend hangs, but sometimes gets rescued if you tap

It's looking good though.  Seems that we have one segfault to track down,
the seeking to fix again, and then I think we have something entirely fit
for general consumption!

Thanks so much Kenneth!

Ed W

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