[mythtv] ivtv settings patch

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Sat Sep 6 14:29:32 EDT 2003

Chris B wrote:

> Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
>> On Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:20:16 +0200, "Chris B news-at-semperpax.com
>> |mythtv/1.0-Allow|" <d14ahk4yan0t at sneakemail.com> said:
>>> - Add a new setup screen as to associate the high/low fields to 
>>> profiles per capture card and to specify the "default" transcode 
>>> profile (that leaves an open path to allow specifying the transcode 
>>> profile at will, even though I agree that will probably be hard 
>>> work. Anyway, I think there should be more ways to schedule a 
>>> transcode than the "X". I'm testing now a simple patch for mythweb)
>> Dealing with the transcoder is tricky.  1st, there is little reason to
>> schedule a transcode if you haven't done the commercial cut (in which
>> case, use 'X'), or when you want to save space by doing RTJpeg to MPEG4
>> (use AutoTranscode).  I don't really see the use for control from
>> mythweb.
> Well, just a matter of personal taste, I don't like going on 
> automatically (especially lengthy and disk-consuming processes) and 
> besides, I don't want to transcode stuff that I'll just watch and 
> scratch. Secondly, IMHO, I find the fact of having to watch the 
> recording in order to transcode it counter-intuitive. Thirdly, for 
> recordings I know I'll not watch soon, I like the fact of launching 
> the transcode after the recording, from the office, knowing that it'll 
> be probably done when I'm back.
> But, I agree these likings are maybe not the ones of the majority.

Then I'm part of the minority as well ;-)
For me a global auto transcode just doesn't work because I don't care 
that a recording gets transcoded if I'm going to watch it the same day 
and delete it afterwards.

What I would like is to be able to override the global option with a 
per-recoding option! There are some recordings I do every day and which 
I want to keep around. Those I want transcoded but the rest I don't care 

But too be honest I don't use the transcoding at this moment anyway 
because I still get better results using Dr. DivX on my Windows box.

Besides the fact that my particular situation is stupidly complex anyway 
because in one case my program guide only shows 2 programs while in fact 
there are 3. This means that each time I first have to merge the 2 
recordings together into 1 big one using TMPGEnc and then start cutting 
it up and transcoding it into 3 separate programs again using Dr.DivX. 
Because of that I still have it on my TODO list to improve the Manual 
Recording section to allow you to make the recording repetitive so I can 
manually add the 3 separate recordings myself because in this particular 
case the program guide just doesn't work (unfortunately).


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