[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo Patches

Jeff Doozan mythtv at doozan.com
Sat Sep 6 02:34:04 EDT 2003

I've been making some changes to mythvideo to make it more usable for 
my needs.  Some of the changes may be of interest to others, so I 
figured I'd share a handful of the patches I've made so far.  All of 
these patches are against the current CVS versions.  

- videomanager-alternative_posters.patch:

I prefer the posters found at www.impawards.com, since many of the 
posters on imdb seem to be scanned images rather than professional 
graphics.  This patch will give preference to posters at 
impawards.com when looking for a poster.  Parts of this code came 
from a patch posted to this list from DanM on June 22nd, which I 
discovered partway into my own efforts.  

- videomanager-intid.patch
- videobrowser-intid.patch

I've modified the interface to be able to switch between the 
browse/list/manager screens while working with the same movie.  These 
patches allow the videomanager and videobrowser classes to be created 
with an additional parameter specifying the intid of the movie to 
start with.  When I finish the rest of my interface changes, I'll 
post some patches here.  

- videobrowser-cleanup.patch
- videomanager-cleanup.patch

These are just some code cleanup patches for some parts of the code 
that I ran into.  

A zip file with all of these patches is available at 

Best regards,

Jeff Doozan

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