[mythtv] Nuppelvideo format question

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 30 09:04:14 EST 2003

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On Thursday 30 October 2003 01:37, Alex wrote:
> Hey, I've already written a couple of times regarding a windows
> frontend that I'm writing. I'm having trouble getting the nuppelvideo
> files to convert using the patched version of mplayer (using mencoder
> + mythencoder.pl). When I convert I only get 3 frames, always!

I had this same problem.  Never did get it to work... now I use 
nuvexport, which relies on mythtranscode's raw A/V export-to-FIFO 
ability (kind of like a frameserver).  Works like a charm.

> I also couldn't get windows media player or bsplayer to
> play the nuv files (wmp shows the music graphic and _tries_ to play
> the audio, whereas bs player says unknown format). I've installed the
> nuv directshow filters for windows and fdshow. The dshow filters
> property pages give the right info.

What version of Windows, and what codec?  IIRC, the DS filters can't 
handle RTjpeg on Win9x/ME; don't know about MPEG-4.


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