[mythtv] More nforce questions

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Wed Oct 29 19:30:46 EST 2003

First the good news -- I have mplayer and xine working through the 
on-board SPDIF output. I might have been reinventing the wheel, but... if 
anyone wants help with the setup, let me know.

Which brings me back to Myth. If I use the OSS audio output 
("AudioOutputDevice=/dev/dsp") everything works fine, through the analog 
outputs on my sound card. I'd really like to get digital working :) As far 
as I can tell, this is going to mean using ALSA native support, and that's 
when things break.

To prefix: it appears as though the only rate ALSA supports when the 
digital output is enabled is 48Khz. I've tried setting the encoding rate 
when recording to both 32Khz and 48Khz, no change in either case.

Attempt 1: analog output through ALSA. I set the audio device to 
"ALSA:hw:0,0". I get sound output, but playback is extremely choppy and I 
see large numbers of errors:
  "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!"
  "<date> prebuffering pause"
  "Error determining sound output delay: Broken pipe"

I get the same errors if I set the ALSA output to the spdif output 
(ALSA:spdif or ALSA:hw:0,1). 

Does this ring any bells? I would have thought that the problem was due to 
the rate differences between my recordings (32Khz) and the sound device 
(48Khz), but I can record at 48Khz with no better effect. 

Also let me know if there's anything I can do to help. :)


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