[mythtv] Bug with similar shows back to back

Eric Thelin eric at generation-i.com
Wed Oct 29 11:52:54 EST 2003

I have been seeing a strange bug in the conflict resolution (and
possibly scheduling) portions of myth.  Lets say there is a show that I
want to record anytime it is on.  And they start airing two part
episodes back to back.  Each is 30 minutes long and because of bad data
in the sources for the EPG there is no mention that they are part one
and part two so they both have exactly the same title and subtitle.  I
can understand that the conflict resolution may consider that they are
duplicates and only record the first but I am seeing one step beyond
that.  On the conflict resolution page the second episode is not even
shown.  And the second episode then doesn't record.  I am not sure if
the fact that it doesn't get recorded is due to the same issue as being
missing from the conflict resolution page or if it is just proper
behavior of the logic for not recording duplicates.  My temporary
solution to this issue has been to go in to mysql and edit the subtitles
of the shows to make them different.  If you are looking for an example
to test this with and you have cartoon network look at "Justice League"
on saturday nights.  I am guessing that it is an issue with the SQL
query used to gather the list merging the two entries because of a


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