[mythtv] RE: [Xmltv-users] 'Round Midnight

David A. Mason damason at redshift.com
Mon Oct 27 16:17:33 EST 2003

Would this mean a patch to some code in the Myth project?

I went looking for a setting in the database tables, but without much luck.

Armed with your mention of tv_sort, I did find some discussion of this
matter in list archives, with mention of setting the default to fetch two
days' data rather than one.

I hesitate to muck around in the code, since I always try to keep my
installation up to date with Myth's CVS, and my abilities in codemucking are
pretty humble - if that.

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--- "David A. Mason" <damason at redshift.com> wrote:
> I've noticed something lately (it might always have been, but I'm not
> sure): that all programs that span midnight are listed in the
> as ending at midnight, with the remainder of the program's time
> separately as "NO DATA".

(assuming tv_grab_na)
IIRC, no stop time is given, not midnight (stop time is an optional field,
but this fact breaks some client apps)

Anyway, the root cause is because zap2it no longer provides stop time
information in their text listings.  tv_grab_na is kind enough to use the
next show stat time for the stop time.  It can't do that across midnight
because pages are viewed by day. 

You can run the data through tv_sort and it can populate the stop times, but
that may be more trouble than it's worth.


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