[mythtv] [PATCH] more pcHDTV channel-change improvements

Jason Schloer schloer.jason at tangoinc.com
Mon Oct 27 09:40:13 EST 2003

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On 2003.10.24 15:10, Jarod C. Wilson wrote:

> I'll have to try out cvs and tweak my setup so I can do a like-format

> to like-format channel change too (I think the next channel up from  
> CBS is PBS, which is also 1920x1080, so I should be okay trying  
> that...).

Be careful, PBS is sometimes 480p, at least in the Boston area.  Fox is

generally 480p as well.  WB and UPN are usually 1080i, if you can get  

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Well since it seems like we have most of the pcHDTV users in this thread
I'll hijack a quick question out of ya. Has anyone got there pcHDTV card
working in concert with any other cards? I can get bttv working for the
pcHDTV with the shipped drivers, or go with standard drivers to get my
ATI TV Wonder VE to work, but can't get both cards to work. Any ideas? I
want to sit down and take a look at what gets patched and see if there's
anything glaring htat's changed. I've gone so far as to remove the
pcHDTV, but use the patched driver and I still have had no luck. Anyway,
all help is greatly appreciated. I'm going to post the same question to
the less read pcHDTV forums. Thanks in advance,

-Jason Schloer

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