[mythtv] Some suggestions...

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Oct 26 18:11:39 EST 2003

On Sunday 26 October 2003 05:48 pm, Desmond Rivet wrote:
> Hi all,
> Apologies if this has been addressed before...
> I have a few minor suggestions for the MythTV GUI. I realize that I'm
> getting this software for free and I don't want to give the impression that
> I'm complaining :) For the most part, I love MythTV, but there are a couple
> of annoyances. This is with the default theme on a 27 inch TV.
> 1. I can barely see if a checkbox is "checked" or not.

Try using a different Qt theme.

> 2. The setup menus are rather deeply nested. Would it be possible to
> include titles telling me what setup screen I'm on?

It has titles -- what do you mean?

> 3. I can barely see when a particular part of the GUI (text field,
> checkbox, etc) is highlighted. Would it be possible to make highlighted GUI
> elements more visible?

Same as #1 -- use a different Qt theme.

> 4. When I re-enter a setup screen I often notice with some screens that the
> settings I just chose, say  a few minutes ago, are reset to some default
> values, as opposed to being set with the values I just entered. I'll have
> specific examples shortly. Wouldn't it be better to populate the GUI with
> the actual current values?

It always populates with the actual current values.  If you don't go through 
the entire section wizard, it doesn't save the new values, of course.

> 5. Is there a way to do a simple thing like see what shows the mythbackend
> is set to tape for the week? To see what my current recording rules are?


or just go the the fix conflicts screen.


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