[mythtv] Patch to myth.rebuilddatabase.pl

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Wed Oct 22 12:29:10 EDT 2003

Changed the indent level of a few things (a large chunk was moved to a new
scope); makes this appear just a bit messier than it actually is.

>From the change log:

9-19-2003: (awithers at anduin.com)
 Anduin fights the urge to make code more readable (aka C like).  Battle
 of urges ends in stalemate: code was reindented but not "changed" (much).
 To make it a little less useless a contribution also did:
   - added ability to grab title/subtitle/description from oldrecorded
   - support for multiple backends (via separation of host and dbhost
     and bothering to insert the host in the recorded table).
   - removed dependency on File::Find::Rule stuff
   - attempt to determine good default host name
   - provide default for --dir from DB (if not provided)
   - added --test_mode (for debugging, does everything except INSERT)
   - added --try_default (good for when you must specify a command
     line option but don't really need to)
   - added --quick_run for those occasions where you just don't have
     the sort of time to be sitting around hitting enter
   - changed all the DB calls to use parameters (avoids escape issues,
     and it looks better)

Anduin Withers

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