[mythtv] Unknown socket

MegaDeTH megadeth at geekopolis.com
Sat Oct 18 21:45:29 EDT 2003

Using cvs as of tonight.

I keep having errors when I hit "watch recordings"

On the client I see

2003-10-18 20:35:39 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
connecting to backend server:

On the backend I see
2003-10-18 20:34:59 adding: mastermyth2 as a player 1
2003-10-18 20:35:52 Unknown socket

When I kill mythfrontend I get this on the backend
2003-10-18 20:38:45 unknown socket

Lowercase "U" is the only difference.

It happins on both my xbox clients, my main pc does not have this problem.

Using Qt 3.1.2

When playing around I also started to notice this..

connecting to backend server:
sh: gggg: command not found


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