[mythtv] anyone working on rationalising myth control (kbd/lirc)?

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Sat Oct 18 16:48:40 EDT 2003

this is not a compliant
this is a desire to improve a really cool (and seful) piece if

i have a hauppauge 350 remote which i wish to use to control my myth box 
in my sittingroom
pretty much everything is set up to my satisfaction - except the remote
i have native lirc working but find the inconsistencies between the 
control in music vs tv is beginning to bug
me into doing something about it

an example that hit me today was that i am using a (slightly modified) 
lircrc from Robert Kulagowski who had
vol- mapped to F9. this works fine in TV mode, but Music looks for [. 
the same is true for vol+ and mute.

and i just found out about "6" and "7" in music. wow. wish i had know 
about them before. yea i know, use the
source luke.

anybody working on a rationalisation of all this? i would be willing to 
help - with design, code and test

my idea would be to have a .xml file which would describe the (modal) 
interface to functionality
why do i say modal? because i would like to map one key to two 
functions. while in "menu" mode i would
like the < key to map to left. but in tv mode i would like it to map to 
vol-. same for > and right/vol+

i'm sure i could find other enables. hence the modal.


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