[mythtv] Request - disable screensaver

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 17 16:48:08 EDT 2003

On Friday 17 October 2003 07:17 pm, Cliff Draper wrote:
> From: "Joseph A. Caputo" <jcaputo1 at comcast.net>
> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:41:14 +0000
> > I'm not sure it's as simple as that... while it will enable the 
screensaver, I 
> > think there might still be a problem.  In my experience before I disabled 
> > screensaver, if the screensaver kicked in while I was watching something, 
> > taking actions with my LIRC remote didn't clear the screensaver; I needed 
> > plug in a real keyboard or mouse to get it to clear.  I think this is 
> > the LIRC device is not recognized as an X input device; it merely runs 
> > through a client program that fires off X-events.  So, yes, you could turn 
> > the screensaver when in 'menu' mode, but if your only input is a remote 
> > control you won't be able to clear the screensaver.
> Yes, I think you're right here.  Well, I see 2 ways to save the `xset s on`
> idea: figure out how to make LIRC better emulate a keyboard, or call
> `xset s reset` for every keypress that myth gets.  I think the latter
> would work, but the former would be more elegant.

Well, LIRC can't emulate a real X-input keyboard device (well, not without 
rewriting LIRC), but it *can* emulate an X-input mouse device, so that would 
be one way to go.

> > The real solution is to build screensaver calls directly into Myth.  
> > be that hard.
> What do you mean by direct screensaver calls?

I mean code that uses the Xlib calls directly:
XSetScreenSaver, XForceScreenSaver, XActivateScreenSaver,
XResetScreenSaver, XGetScreenSaver

AFAIK, Ogle uses these to enable/disable the screensaver when playing a DVD.  
Ideally, Myth would:

	- Disable the screensaver whenever playing video/unpaused
	- Enable the screensaver if the video is paused
	- Enable the screensaver if Myth is showing a GUI screen (i.e., not playing 
	- Reset the screensaver (i.e., leave it enabled but un-blank the screen) 
whenever user input is detected.


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