[mythtv] editing frame-by-frame weird in recent cvs

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Oct 17 02:04:31 EDT 2003

Chris Petersen wrote:
>>Can you try with current CVS?  It seems ok to me now..  Bruce broke it =)
> Finally got around to updating..  and other than the colors going all
> whacked, I think it's probably fixed.
> HOWEVER, I still have at least one file that has a bad spot in it.  I'll
> advange to the spot, and when I try to pass it (in the editor)
> front-to-back, the position marker gets sent back to the beginning of
> the recording unless I skip over it (20 seconds or so).  When I try to
> go BACK on it (back to front), the position marker hits a point where
> even through I'm holding down the left arrow at 1 second increments, the
> video is counting forwards by 1 frame at a time.  Eventually it loops,
> or the marker skips back to the beginning of the recording again.

It sound like there are bogus entries in the seektable. Try
running mythcommflag --chanid <chanid> --starttime <starttime>

--  bjm

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