[mythtv] [PATCH] pcHDTV: Enable seeking in recordings, trim unused data from stream

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Oct 13 18:24:26 EDT 2003

On Sunday 12 October 2003 06:29 pm, Doug Larrick wrote:
> The following patch fixes a couple problems with pcHDTV support, and
> provides a framework for a few more enhancements.

Great, just applied all of this.

> One other area that needs attention: I have noticed that when changing
> channels, the stream from the card seems to get corrupted.  I think
> that this problem was present with the old code as well (i.e. not my
> fault ;-) ).  Exiting Live TV and going back in seems to fix it.  I've
> tried various solutions in Myth, but right now I suspect a driver
> problem.

Similar issues with the pvr-[23]50 encoders -- I fixed things there by just 
closing/re-opening the video device to re-init the stream on channel changes.  
I imagine a similar solution would work for this as well.


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