[mythtv] [PATCH] Picture Adjust

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Oct 8 02:44:17 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 01:12 am, Ben Levitt wrote:
> This patch lets you adjust the global playback
> settings for brightness, contrast, saturation
> ("colour") :) , and hue.

Heh, I didn't add the color controls stuff, obviously =)

> 1) I only implemented actually changing these settings
> when using Xv.  If anyone knows how to do this using
> the ivtv out or XvMC, please let me know!  Viaslice?

xvmc _should_ work with the same code as xv output.  I don't think the ivtv or 
via stuff supports that, but I could be wrong.

> 3) Should I change the OSD code to take a callback
> function to use when the OSD is done fading out?  This
> seems like it would be the clean way to know when the
> OSD has faded out.  This would also be useful for
> another patch I want to fix up...

signal/slot if possible.

> 4) Isaac, is this patch (or something like it)
> something you'd like to commit after it gets cleaned
> up?  (I think I got all the white space nice and
> clean!  :] )

Yeah, it looks mostly fine, except the use of av_gettime() and I don't really 
like the way the stuff in Key_Right/Left works, but I suppose that'd get 
cleaned up by using a better mechanism to know when the OSD is gone..   It'd 
also be better if I had ever gotten around to making a better menu for the 
OSD during playback, so there wouldn't have to be yet another keybinding...


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