[mythtv] [PATCH] Language choice shown in the languages own word

Tobias Blomberg blomman at ludd.luth.se
Tue Oct 7 22:32:25 EDT 2003


Isaac, you probably missed this patch since it was well concealed at the end 
of the "slight update of the danish mythtv translation" thread. Or did you 
just silently reject it ?  Anyway, here it is again to be rejected or 

This patch will make the language selection items to be shown in the languages 
own word. If you don't understand the name for a language, don't select that 
language. And it's easy to get back to the right language if you select one 
you don't understand. I have left a comment in English for each language in 
the source code if someone is really curious which language is which.

This behavior was suggested by Stefan Frank and I agree with him that this is 
the best solution. In his own words:
"But thinking about it, it makes more sense to me to always display a language 
in it's own word. So Swedish would always be shown as 'Svenska' no matter 
what language is currently selected. Reason being that Swedish people
might not recognize 'Swedish' as their mother-tonge but will know
'Svenska' immediatelly."

/ Tobias
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