[mythtv] Patch to fix lame error -3

Tamas Vincze tom at vincze.org
Thu Oct 2 19:57:12 EDT 2003

Hi Reza,

> I had actually sent out a patch regarding this about a week ago, but I
> never noticed it being posted -- perhaps it got lost in the mail.

It must have because I searched the archives before started working
on it. I haven't even seen your original message because I've searched
for the words "lame error -3".

> - if lame_init_parms() fails, it is better, imho, to set
> compressed_audio = false, rather than to exit.  This way, you still get
> recordings if something goes funny.

Once you get it working it shouldn't break easily. After a myth
upgrade you test it anyway and I think it's good to know that there's
a problem with lame instead of just getting uncompressed audio
and maybe never noticing it.

> - the patch i submitted would check to see if the samplerate was a valid
>  one in the first place.  This might be redundant as the frontend should
>  assure only valid ones are used, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

Yes, an invalid sampling rate shouldn't come from the configuration,
and if it does then lame will certainly fail and cause the backend
to abort. Then you'll know that there's a serious problem.


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