[mythtv] MythExample

Robert Currey avalonforest at centurytel.net
Sun Nov 30 20:41:42 EST 2003

> "great idea, let us know when your done!"   :-)
saw that coming ... :)

> MythVideo and/or MythWeather are often cited as good example code,
> because they are not particularily complicated. Not exactly what you're
> looking for, but they may help.
yes, I've been leaning on those (and other) modules to get over the curve.
Problem is a module may do non-obvious things that are actually
important/cool/etc means of accomplishing an end (e.g the "context" usage of
mythmusic, sleek "mode change", but not obvious to a newbie like myself)

> > A case in point, I just saw Thor's commit about the new "metadata
> > server" ... I have no idea what that is (being new),
> It's nothing anyone will need to worry about for a while until it's
> useable (but there are some README's in there).
where?, cvsweb hasn't updated yet, and I'm not prepped for a general cvs up
yet ...

> > I guess I'm saying that without developer docs (which I *totally*
> > understand why they don't exist), examples are all that's left
> It's not *that* complicated to figure out from the existing apps. It
> can't be, as I've figured out large parts of it  :-)    Also, think
> seriously about firing up an irc client and checking out #mythtv on
> freenode. It's a *developer* resource.
Don't get me wrong ... in a week, I've gone from knowing nothing to having a
module that is pretty functional. No way, no how, without using the
"examples" (weather, music, etc) would I be where I'm at.

I might be by on irc sometime ... I have a "wish" that may be worth thinking
about as you do the "metadata server".(if it's what I think it is).


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