[mythtv] [PATCH] mythvideo - country and genre

Johan Bellander johan.bellander at spcs.se
Fri Nov 28 04:55:09 EST 2003


I also have written a genre (or category) system for MythVideo (See a post a
few day(or weeks) back). My system does not grab the genre from IMDB because
IMDB does not have a single category for a movie, it has several and i only
wished to have a movie in one single genre.

Any way, this is how my system works:
- 'videocategories' table added to database, this hold the different
- 'category' column added to 'videometadata' referencing to
'videocategories' by an index.
- When you click 'browse videos' you are prompted by a 'select category'
screen (Where you also can choose to browse 'all videos' if you like.)
- When browsing movies in a certain category you can change category by
pressing 8 and 9 (temp keys).
- You can switch category in the 'details'(or whatever it's called) dialog.

Left to do:
- Fix up the 'select category'-GUI a bit. (I have got a better grasp of how
the GUI works, now.. =) )
- A way to add categories in the setup section. (right now you have to add
the categories in the db)

I don't know which way the system should go...

A bit off topic.. I'm have also written a 'Poster browser' and i'm working
on an 'Alfabetic browser' which hopefully will be finish this weekend if i
dont have to work overtime a my jobb. =) Will try to post some screenshots
of the system next week.

Oh, and by the way, I would be nice to see the code for your 'genre system'.

// Johan Bellander

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> To: Development of mythtv
> Subject: [mythtv] [PATCH] mythvideo - country and genre
> Thx to apply my french translation
> I post an other path yesterday in a mail called "[mythtv] [Patch] 
> mythvideo - french movie database".
> Please don't apply this patch yet because something is wrong in the 
> french movie database part.
> I make a other patch that change 2 things :
> The fisrt thing allow french user (user who choose french language in 
> setting) to grab movie information from a french site.
> This change affect only the videomanager.cpp file.
> Cover files are now save as [number IMNB + extension file] to be sure 
> that the cover file name is unique.
> I transform type of plot (in videometadata) to varchar(128) to text
> The second add two informations about a movie, the countries and the 
> genres. For this moment the changes aren't visible for the user.
> I have created two tables : videometadatagenre and 
> videometadatacountry 
> (see in patch.sql for details).
> For example, if "The Pianist" is the intid 1 in videometadata, 
> videomatadatagenre look like this
> idvideo | genre
> 1 |  Drama
> 1 | War
> and the videometadata look like this:
> idvideo | country
> 1 | UK
> 1 | France
> 1 | Poland
> ...
> I don't create a table genre and a table country because I 
> don't know if 
> i should ....
> These informations are automatically grab  from IMDB (or french movie 
> database site for french user).
> These changes are made in videomanager.cpp, metadata.h and 
> metadata.cpp
> I don't made any change in the interface at the time (in my 
> todo list).
> For the sql change, I don't know if the patch.sql is correct or if I 
> must made a "diff metadata.old.sql metadata.new.sql" ... ?
> Thx to read me and please reply if not all are clear for you.
> xavier

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