[mythtv] DirectFB output for mythtv

Steve wilton at hal.humberc.on.ca
Thu Nov 27 12:28:21 EST 2003


I'm writing a videoout_directfb for mythtv, and it almost works. I think
maybe my inexperience with the internal formats in the NuppleVideoPlayer
(and with video formats in general) are the cause of my problems.

As I understand it, the player will call my:

1. ProcessFrame
2. PrepareFrame
3. Show

methods for each frame. Is that right?

In ProcessFrame, do I need to do anything beyond:

  process_video_filters(frame, &filterList[0], filterList.size());

  ShowPip(frame, pipPlayer);
  DisplayOSD(frame, osd);

In PrepareFrame, what is the format that I will get in the buffer? I
assumed it was YV12, same as DirectFB's YV12, but it appears not. (FYI
DFB YV12 is 8-bit Y plane followed by 8-bit 2x2 subsampled V,U planes.)

Any tips, pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot at http://hal.humberc.on.ca/~wilton/myth. Basically all I did
to get this was to memcpy onto a surface with YV12 pixelformat.

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