[mythtv] streaming in mythmusic

Jason Ramey webmaster at permutation.org
Wed Nov 26 16:06:16 EST 2003

Wow, works perfectly. Two nitpicks, it doesn't allow for using the playlists
that I've already setup and doesn't accept ogg. Otherwise, great job!

----- Original Message ----- 
> I was looking for a simple way to listen to my music at the office.
> Since I have a DSL line with limited upload I have to downsample my
> (mostly) hi qual. mp3's. I found the mp3sds project on Freshmeat and
> that does exactly that. It's a PHP script that calls lame to do the
> resampling. I integrated the script with the music portion of Mythweb
> since I like the interface very much.
> If anyone else want to give it a try :
> Add the mp3_downsample.php to your mythweb folder.
> Replace /mythweb/mythmusic.php (7k)and
> /mythweb/themes/Default/mythmusic.php (9k) files.
> To use it you have to drag the link to the winamp or xmms playlist (or
> choose open location and copy paste the link)
> If more people are interested I could add things like a drop down box
> for bitrate settings and so on...
> Of course with the DAAP support being built I guess that would be the
> way to go in the future. But mean wile I'm doing my first attempts at
> php scripts...

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