[mythtv] Tracing Channel Change

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Nov 25 10:22:36 EST 2003

> Related to channel change times also, I notice on my system that it can 
> sometimes take an EXTREMELY long time to change channels, in the order 
> of 5-15 seconds or sometimes more.  It depends on how long the same 
> channel has been playing for.  This also affects how long it takes to go 
> back to the frontend menu, but dosen't seem to affect how long it takes 
> to enter a pause.  Any thoughts on this? I'm running my ringbuffer on an 
> ext3 formatted drive, could that be the problem?

Can you try and post some hard information on your problem.  Please integrate my timing lines from my previous message in this thread.  This shows exactly which lines of the channel change are causing the slow down.  Without this you are just guessing as to what is happening.

You also missed off a lot of other interesting information.  For example what version of myth are you running?  latest CVS or version 0.12?  Also, do you see the harddrive thrashing during these 10-15 seconds?

Ed W


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