[mythtv] Socket class?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Nov 24 20:52:09 EST 2003

David Engel wrote:
> I'm attaching a work-in-progress version of ViewScheduled for
> comments.
> First, I wanted to take a stab at simplifying the UIListType handling
> which I always thought was confusing and over complicated.  I think
> I've succeeded, but I'm biased.

It looks cleaner and things seem to work.
> Second, I wanted to add support for SCHEDULE_CHANGE customEvents.  We
> now get the recording data from the scheduler in the master backend.
> However, updaed data isn't available instantaneously after a change.
> If we wait for the SCHEDULE_CHANGE customEvent, we get the latest data
> and don't refill the internal data twice.

Well, this is really cool. I anticipated that returning to
the conflicts page (or proglist) immediately after a change
would be a problem. Chris did such a good job with the basics
and this so obviously needs a solution that it wasn't worth
mentioning at this point. I expected that the solution would
be to block filling the conflicts page until the scheduler
thread had finished running. When I first tried this last
night, I was disappointed for about two seconds... then it
updated on the fly. This is cool! The user gets the sense of
responsiveness as the page is drawn right away then the update
appears ASAP. I really like this.

One related bug that isn't really part of the viewscheduled
changes is that exiting the advanced options page triggers a
schedule change whether or not any change had occurred.

I've been running this on my machines since last night and
haven't seen any real problems.

--  bjm

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