[mythtv] Tracing Channel Change

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Nov 23 14:54:49 EST 2003

> -                usleep(500);
> +                usleep(100);
> However, this merely pushes the wait time into the =
> ringbuffer->WaitForPause();  So first of all, why usleep(500) anyway? =
> And also, does anyone have any ideas on how to trace where this second =
> call is spending all it's time?

Keep in mind these are microseconds, and a single frame at 29.97fps is
33000 microseconds, so this pause isn't that long.  I think it is actually
longer than 600 microseconds though because the scheduler can't give back
control to the process that quick, but it shouldn't be anywhere near 33000
microseconds (33 milliseconds, 0.033 seconds).



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