[mythtv] Aspect Change problems

D.Charlton lists-dpc-dc-rw at duncancharlton.com
Sat Nov 22 11:43:16 EST 2003

Is this a one-off out of sequence frame or does it persist once it's

I have a similar symptom (assuming it is persistent) - but in my case it
seems mostly to be provoked by a broken dvb mpeg stream - which happens
quite a lot here as I have poor reception on one particular mux.

I've been testing the attached patch for about a week now and it's improved
my DVB experience considerably. It's a really dumb patch and it only covers
up, rather than resolving, what I think are problems in libavcodec and
possibly a AvFormatDecoder/VideoOutput/libavcodec interaction problem.

If you've got a moment to try the patch out and see if it gets rid of your
jitter I'd be interested to know. If it's the same problem but with a
different cause that could be very interesting.



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