[mythtv] [PATCH] Add keybindings for MythMusic

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Thu Nov 20 18:42:15 EST 2003

Sorry, I was travelling:

On Thursday 20 November 2003 18:26, Eric Thelin wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Eric Thelin wrote:
> > Actually your question got me looking closer at my patch and it was
> > wrong.  It didn't properly handle accelerated keys turned off.  I
> > have a new version that I will submit shortly but first I have a
> > question (probably for Isaac).  There is already code there to call
> > music_tree_list->popUp() and music_tree_list->pushDown() on left
> > and right when accelerated mode.  What are those methods supposed
> > to do? 

	pushDown() and popUp() move you left and right on the tree display 
(with both Accelerators and ShowWholeTree turned on). They popUp from 
tracks, to playlists to containers, and down in the opposite direction.

- thor

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