[mythtv] Episode status quirk while recording.

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Nov 18 19:32:54 EST 2003

Well, this isn't really a problem but an oddity I noticed.
It may be a little difficult reproduce without spoofing data.

If there are several upcoming showings of an episode that
hasn't been recorded, the first (normally) is marked for
record and the others are nrOtherShowing. After the episode
has been recorded, the remaining showings are marked as

However, while the recording of the first showing is in
progress, the second showing is marked to record rather
than other or previous. After the first showing finishes
recording, the state of the second showing (and all others)
correctly changes to nrPreviousRecording.

There is no bug because the second showing won't record
when the time comes. It's just a matter of the scheduler 
returning unexpected results while the show is being recorded.

--  bjm

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