[mythtv] [PATCH] Add keybindings for MythMusic

Eric Thelin eric at generation-i.com
Tue Nov 18 04:14:33 EST 2003

Actually your question got me looking closer at my patch and it was
wrong.  It didn't properly handle accelerated keys turned off.  I have a
new version that I will submit shortly but first I have a question
(probably for Isaac).  There is already code there to call
music_tree_list->popUp() and music_tree_list->pushDown() on left and
right when accelerated mode.  What are those methods supposed to do?
They don't seem to do anything now but I suspect that they are meant to
change to order of the songs in the playlist.  I will be more confident
submitting the new patch if I know what they were supposed to do before
I started changing things.


On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Edward Wildgoose wrote:

> > I have been frustrated that I couldn't navigate through songs very well
> > from my remote so I added a few additional keybindings for keys that are
> > likely to be already bound to buttons on most/many remotes.  Basicly
> > these let you easily skip forward or reverse through a given song with
> > left and right and jump forward or revers for entire tracks from the
> > same buttons used for rewind or fast forward smoothly without stickykeys
> > selected in MythTV.
> Oh ho!  Perfect.  I was just about to do this and then I see you beat me to it!
> However, does this work ok when you change the mode in mythmusic so that you can scroll around the interface and press buttons with the enter key?  (I don't use that mode, but didn't want to break anything for anyone...)
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