[mythtv] Using MythTV in different ways

Russll Levy russlevy at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 16 18:41:08 EST 2003


I don't have cable, but I was hoping to use some parts of MythTV for
displaying news, weather, and watching videos, because I found that the
modularity of MythTV fit my purposes well. I want it to go through the
headline news and the weather when not active, and to show a news ticker
while I'm watching movies. 

I'm planning, in the next couple months, on starting to write the following

Some type of news ticker that would scroll across the bottom of the screen
that could be on any screen (MythTicker?).

Some sort of 'headline news' display, showing one headline at a time on the
screen, changing every few seconds, and also showing weather.

Where do I start looking to do things? It looks like MythWeather is what I'd
want for weather, and MythNews starts to do with what I want for news. But
before I start delving into code, is it possible to use those
infrastructures and have it programmatically switch from one to the other? 

I hope to also compile MythTV without the TV functionality :) Is that
possible right now?


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