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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Sun Nov 16 16:36:18 EST 2003

I wrote the Stop Recording code and I knew how easy it was to get it 
wrong (it took me a while to get it right) so I decided to take a look ;-)

NB: I had suggested before that maybe it would be better to have a 
"filename" field in the recordings table so it would be a lot easier to 
change begin and end times and who knows what else without having to 
worry about renaming the the file. It would also give people the 
possibility to rename the file to something they recognize. With all 
these changes maybe now is a good time to implement this? Whadda y'all 


Chris Pinkham wrote:

>>Hmm, just tried the to stop a recording (using curent CVS) and it seems 
>>the lastest changes have broken the Stop Recording feature: after 
>>stopping a recording the filename and the info in the database are not 
>>the same anymore and the stopped recording will fail to display its 
>>thumbnail or preview and it can't be played anymore.
>This will be fixed in CVS in a little bit.  It was related to the
>recent addition of recstartts and recendts to programinfo.  The filename
>is always generated using recstartts and recendts and the rename code
>was setting endts to the current time when it needed to set recendts
>in order to get the correct filename.  I have it fixed in my tree and
>will commit it in a little while when I commit some other stuff.
>Thanks for catching that.
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