[mythtv] Recent scheduling override changes

Eric Thelin eric at thelin.org
Sat Nov 15 21:58:47 EST 2003

First let me say to everyon who contributed to the new scheduling system
with overrides and such, GREAT JOB.  The new stuff rocks!  I have a few
suggestions though.  First the "Fix Scheduling Conflicts" screen should
be renamed since it now does SO much more than that.  I would suggest
something more like "Manage Recording Schedule".  I would also move it
to be the first option on the Schedule Recordings page as it is now much
more important.  The title above the box that now says "Scheduled
Recordings:" should change according to filters such as:
 1) Scheduled Recordings (All)
 2) Scheduled Recordings (Active)
 3) Scheduled Recordings (Conflicted)

Is there any way to set which tuner will be used for a given recording?
I don't think there is but it would be very nice to be able to set on a
per record basis just like we can now do for other settings through the

Just a few ideas that may improve what is already a relly cool
enhancement over the last few days.


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