[mythtv] mythtranscode: Assertion `q>0.0' failed

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Fri Nov 14 12:56:49 EST 2003

JR> Just a heads up for the mythtranscode guys,

JR> I updated CVS on 2003/11/12 and I started getting the message:

JR>   mythtranscode: ratecontrol.c:644: ff_rate_estimate_qscale: Assertion `q>0.0' failed.

JR> I don't remember seeing this from my last checkout on 2003/10/19.
JR> Anyone else seeing this?

I  saw  it  today  as  well, but didn't have time to look any further at it. The
transcode seem to fail.

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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