[mythtv] Conflicting or not?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Nov 13 17:24:09 EST 2003

David Engel wrote:
> OK.  I'm not going to commit anything until later tonight to give
> anyone else a chance to weigh in.  I do have a couple of related
> comments in the mean time.
> First, there is currently no easy way to create a new, specific
> scheduled recording if a generic one already exists.  You first have
> to delete the generic one or make it more specific, create the new,
> specific one and then go recreate or change the old, generic one back.
> We could solve this by adding a new key binding and functionality
> which always creates a new schedule recording instead of using an
> existing one.

I see you've given this some thought. I'd never considered
adding a button. I've always thought this could be done simply
by changing the type on the options page.

>From the EPG, proglist or conflicts list, the user choses a
specific showing to edit it's options page. If this showing
matches a 'channel' record the type will be marked "Record at
any time on this channel". Currently, if the user changes the
type, the type field will simply be updated in the record table.

However, if the user changes from a recurring type to a single
record, a new single record entry should be added to the record
table and the existing recurring entry should be left alone.
The new single record entry can then hold the attributes that
apply to just this showing. (I've seen this approach on other
systems. I've double-checked then checked again and it seems to
work quite well ;-).

On a related issue, if the user changes and existing record entry
to a timeslot or weekslot, the time fields should be updated to
match the showing that is being edited. This will assure that
the timeslot matches what the user intended. Without this, it
currently can give very confusing results.

BTW, as for changing the type on a recurring record to clear
the way for a single record; been there, done that =).

> Second, an alternative approach to handling tweaking single showings
> is to extend the record override handling to include things like
> pre/post roll and recording profile.  This wouldn't handle the case
> you gave for needing to tweak a WeekSlotRecording.

Right. Trying to handle all the possibilities that way seems
to be a slippery slope. But I actually think there are advantages
to having each of overrides and single records that replace
showing of a recurring rule.

An override type 1 says to make sure to record this showing but
I don't want to be bothered with the settings, just use the normal
stuff like all the other episodes. A single record says to do
something special this one time only (or for People's Champions
this one weekslot only).

It's already possible to have two or more rules match the same
showing and with the possibility of keyword rules there would
be even more of these situations. One way or the other there
needs to be a way to resolve these overlaps so I'm glad you've
taken this on.

Thanks, David.

--  bjm

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