[mythtv] PVR 250 & Linux vs Windows PVRs

Wayne Hogue w_hogue at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 12 17:57:30 EST 2003

>I guess I should have attached the script  :)

Well I dont see the first mail so here goes again.

After a few weeks of failed attempts at encoding mpg files from my 250 w/o 
comercials and w/o loss of sync, I came up with this hacked together script. 
  I will remove comercials, maintain sync and encode to xvid.

You need: transcode, xvid and perl DBD::mysql

Note: when marking comercials, the script requires the video start and stop 
with a cut.  I move to the first frame and "delete from this point 
backwards" and move to the last frams and "delete from this point forward"  
I know its a hack, but it works.  This way the script can generate a proper 
cutlist with the minimun of coiding  :)

ENjoy and feel free to foraward any improvements.


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