[mythtv] Re: PVR 250 & Linux vs Windows PVRs

Wayne Hogue w_hogue at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 12 17:30:32 EST 2003

>There is nothing _standard_ about the mpeg the pvr250 creates. Many things 
>I tried to use to transcode them saw the mpeg as broken. The things that 
>would actually transcode it would cut the wrong sections for commercials 
>and the sound would end up out of sync.

After several hours of trial and error I have hacked together a perl script 
that will take a 250 encoded file, remove comercials and do a 2 pass xvid 
encode and maintain audio sync (This was tha had part as everything else I 
tried when cutting comercials messed up the audio).

You will need:  Transcode, xvid and perl DBD:mysql

Edit the top of the script to match you system and set deaults for the 

NOTE: when you mark your video cutlist, besure the video starts and ends 
with a cut.  I just goto the first frams and "delete from this point 
backward" and move to the last frams and "Delete from this fram forward"   
This way the script can generat a proper cut list (its a hack I know but 
works perfectly)

The just call the script with the nuv file name and it will do the rest.

Feel free to send me improvements


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