[mythtv] 4:3 Zoom code changed?

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Wed Nov 12 17:37:15 EST 2003

Doug Larrick wrote:
> On 2003.11.12 15:50, Steve Davies wrote:
>> I have a 16:9 television, but the video card will only output 4:3.  
>> The "best" way IMHO to output the image in this case is  
>> anamorphically (I think I understand anamorphic correctly ;-) ). The  
>> television then stretches horizontally so that the aspect ratio all  
>> gets fixed up. I believe this results in the least data-loss at the  
>> screen.
> I believe that, with the current code in CVS, you can accomplish what  
> you want to do (minus the current bug involving already-anamorphic  
> source material) by setting your display size to 16:9 in the XF86Config  
> file -- add "DisplaySize 375 210" (or some other measurement that's  
> 16:9, in millimeters) to the "Monitor" section.  Note that the actual  
> size of the screen was not appropriate in my case, as it made the fonts  
> much too small.
> -Do
> ug

Excellent... I'll give that a try!

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