[mythtv] PVR 250 & Linux vs Windows PVRs

Scott Beck sbeck at gossamer-threads.com
Wed Nov 12 15:57:46 EST 2003

Gregory McLean wrote:

> Scott Beck wrote:
>> Cedar McKay wrote:
>>>> I've personally had no luck with transcoding the mpeg output by the 
>>>> pvr250 so archiving may prove difficult.
>>> Cedar's guide to archiving shows created by the pvr250:
>>> 1)Find relevant .nuv file in your recordings directory.
>>> 2)Rename .nuv to .mpg
>>> 3)There is no step 3
>>> This file is a standard mpg that can be burned to dvd or cd, played 
>>> in media player, or manipulated using any of the standard 
>>> windows/mac/linux tools that can hande .mpg (which is most of them).
>> There is nothing _standard_ about the mpeg the pvr250 creates. Many 
>> things I tried to use to transcode them saw the mpeg as broken. The 
>> things that would actually transcode it would cut the wrong sections 
>> for commercials and the sound would end up out of sync.
> Actually they are standard for the DVD/VCD world. (as strange and 
> bizzar as that is) I haven't had a problem at all with the DVD's I've 
> made playing in stand alone players. (ones that can read the DVD-R 
> media that is) In anycase I use a pinnacle card for the usual 
> watching/recording and the PVR for DVD/VCD mastering.
> transcode should be able to handle them (-M <x> command line argument 
> will keep things in sync)
It has been a while since I tried but I remember trying -M with 
transcode but then I was trying to cut commercials with it..
I do remember vcdgear saying the mpeg was invalid.

> As far as editing mpegs... well thats an another big mess. If you're 
> not cutting on a GOP  then things get wierd. And is the GOP open or 
> closed? etc etc... If you plan on editing the mpegs that the pvr250 
> creates set the option for closed GOP's that should help some.

I'll have to give that a try when I get the transcoding itch again :)



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