[mythtv] PVR 250 & Linux vs Windows PVRs

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 12 15:45:18 EST 2003

Scott Beck <sbeck at gossamer-threads.com> writes:

>>Why do you need to transcode the output?  Just archive the mpeg2
>>output from the pvr-250.
> Archiving implies cutting commercials and possibly reducing the size
> by either encoding to something like AVI or reencoding to a lower
> bitrate/resolution. Hence trancoding....

I've found that GOPchop does a decent job of cutting out commercials.
As for reduced bitrate, well, why not just record at the reduced
bitrate if that's the rate you want?  Otherwise my only answer is
"diskspace is cheap" and DVDs aren't that expensive.  Record at 1-2GB/hr
and you're at DVD quality and you wont need to transcode.  GOPchop
to edit out commercials and then write it to the DVD.

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