[mythtv] PVR 250 & Linux vs Windows PVRs

Scott Beck sbeck at gossamer-threads.com
Wed Nov 12 14:48:44 EST 2003

Cedar McKay wrote:

>> I've personally had no luck with transcoding the mpeg output by the 
>> pvr250 so archiving may prove difficult.
> Cedar's guide to archiving shows created by the pvr250:
> 1)Find relevant .nuv file in your recordings directory.
> 2)Rename .nuv to .mpg
> 3)There is no step 3
> This file is a standard mpg that can be burned to dvd or cd, played in 
> media player, or manipulated using any of the standard 
> windows/mac/linux tools that can hande .mpg (which is most of them).
There is nothing _standard_ about the mpeg the pvr250 creates. Many 
things I tried to use to transcode them saw the mpeg as broken. The 
things that would actually transcode it would cut the wrong sections for 
commercials and the sound would end up out of sync.



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