[mythtv] Multiple input/card behavior - Coding question.

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 16:38:23 EST 2003

Replying to my own post :-(

I've thought some more about this, and have concluded that where possible, 
channel changes should be requested internally using chanid, and not channum, 
so we can be sure of uniquely identifying the channel. I'll look into this 
some more.

A question though... Is there a reason that the channum column is varchar(5), 
and the channel changer code tries to convert this to a int, and sometimes 
fails? History?

I'd also be interested if someone can point me to where the code acts upon the 
'c' press during LiveTV. I couldn't find it!

Opinions welcomed.

Many thanks.

Steve Davies                   steve at one47.co.uk

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