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>I have been using MythVideo for some time now, but i found a 
>problem when i joined my movie dir with a friend over NFS, in 
>the Video Browser i now have to step 274 times to go through 
>all the movies. (Not that fun).. So i wrote a little category 
>hack (not that much of GUI, yet) that makes it possible to 
>assign a movie to a category and then browse only the movies 
>in a category.. Is this something that sounds intresseting to 
>other than me?? If so i might give it some more work, a nice 
>GUI for example..

Yes, I'd be very interested in that.  I've collected quite a few small clips
over the years, so I almost always use the Video List and my own directory
structure to "browse" them.  More flexible categories would be a great

- Willy

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