[mythtv] [PATCH] Server Status Episode Descriptions

Dave Weisbeck davemw at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 9 14:01:56 EST 2003

OK, we are both wrong. =)

It seems you are right about the onClick wanting URL encoded strings. What
is below should prove what is the right way to make it work in all cases:


function dispDesc(txt) {
 wnd=window.open("", "min","width=250 height=180");
 wnd.document.write("<font face=helvetica size=-1>");

function jsEscape(txt) {
 var retval = "";
 for (i=0; i<txt.length; i++) {
  if(txt.charAt(i) == '\'')
   retval += "\\\'";
  else if (txt.charAt(i) == '\"')
   retval += "\\\"";
  else if (txt.charAt(i) == '\\')
   retval += "\\\\";
   retval += txt.charAt(i);
 return retval;

var Desc = 'Pilot episode of "Bob\'s Show"';
var encDesc = escape(Desc);
var jEsc = jsEscape(Desc);
var jUrlEsc = escape(jEsc);
document.write("Unencoded: "+Desc+"<br>");
document.write("URLEncoded: "+encDesc+"<br>");
document.write("JSEncoded: "+jEsc+"<br>");
document.write("JS then URL encoded: "+jUrlEsc+"<br>");


<a href=JavaScript:dispDesc('Pilot episode of "Bob\'s Show')>JS
22')>JS Encoded then URL Encoded</a><br>

- Dave

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> Logically, what you're saying does make some sense, however I can testify
> the fact that it works perfectly :)
> I've (temoporarily) opened my firewall up so you can check it out if you
> want:  I believe the reason it works is that the onClick() event is
> like a URL.  I will try and check this will browsers other than IE to make
> sure that it will be compatible.
> As far as the single and double quotes go, those are translated to % codes
> by QUrl, so those are a nonissue in this method as well.
> http://folken.happykoala.com:6544/
> -Brett
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> From: "Dave Weisbeck" <davemw at shaw.ca>
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> Subject: Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] Server Status Episode Descriptions
> >
> > I don't think this is right.
> >
> > What you originally had was a partial JavaScript (JS) and HTML encoder
> > custom function. What you switched to was a URL encoder (e.g. space =
> %20).
> > The only place I see you using some escaping below is the description
> > goes into a JS function. JS has the same escaping rules as C
> so
> > you need to watch out for quotes especially (as they can terminate the
> given
> > string as a funny place causing errors) and depending also the usual
> > suspects of backslashes, newlines, etc.
> >
> > I think technically your first version would have worked as it would
> > been JS safe, and you do a document.write with the text which is smart
> > enough to "decode" things like &amp;. Given document.write already is
> smart
> > enough to handle the special HTML characters of <,",>,&,...all you
> > need is to JS escape the description. So take your original escape
> function
> > and remove the gt, lt and amp cases and switch the quot case to do the
> same
> > thing as the single quote case and I think you are good to go.
> >
> > - Dave
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