[mythtv] [patch] small dvb fixes

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sat Nov 8 20:07:50 EST 2003

Hi List!

This is a patch for dvb, which fixes/corrects the following subject:
	- There is no point waiting for a GOP_START,
	when SEQ_START is what is wanted. Also made it optionally,
	no configuration item for now.
	- Correct the signals (unsigned int makes them hard to connect).
	- Database update:

I really am sorry for making the previous patch (db stuff) go into cvs
without code, but done is done. There was a lot of lobbying done by
Edward Wildgoose and Steele Price on the schema that was committed to
cvs, but really, the coding requirements far exceed the benefits of the
schema (ie, code will reduce to at least 1/4, if not less). Also, those
that where pushing for this schema also promised to deliver code, and I
have not seen one single line since then, so the schema goes!!

For CVS please, Isaac (or anyone else with write access, and some
knowledge of code =).

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