[mythtv] Preview of a new theme

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Sat Nov 8 11:55:54 EST 2003

TB> I  noticed  that  the strings for all translated text which contains a space
TB> has   been   truncated  (e.g.  "Musikspelarens"  should  be  "Musikspelarens
TB> inställningar").  Did you do this on purpose or did Myth do this because the
TB> strings are too long for the theme ?

The  strings are to long. Better would be "Musikinställningar".. It already says
"Spelinställningar"..  Would  be  nice  if you could look at those. In the music
settings, it also says "Inställningar för ..." wich also is way to long.

"Filminställningar" and "Väderinställningar" would also be better.

TB> I know the strings are a bit long, but it's hard some times to stick to 
TB> correct Swedish when forced to use short strings. The strings fit in all 
TB> other themes and the closest comparision would be the Visor theme. The Visor
TB> fonts are no problem to read on my TV. Maybe just a little too small.

Well, the fonts will be big.

TB> A couple of ways around this problem are:

TB> * Decrease the font size. Some people seem to think that the font should be 
TB> even larger, so this might not be a good solution.


TB> * Fewer lines in the menu. Six rows would make long texts fit just below the
TB> images, I think.


TB> * Move the menu down and the image up. This might look a bit strange if 
TB> they're moved too far apart.


TB> * All of the above

Maybe  if  i  make  it possible to wrap it, like having two lines. Don't sure if
myth does that.

TB> By the way, good work. Your theme looks really nice so far :-)  And for the 
TB> voting, I vote for preview3.

Thanks, your vote is noted ;)

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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