[mythtv] [patch] changes for compilation with qt/embedded

Wayne Hogue w_hogue at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 7 23:49:28 EST 2003

This patch will allow mythtv to be compiled qith qt/embedded.  It fixes some 
minor GUI problems.  Still no video out directFB support, but 350 users can 
use this for full framebuffer mode and no need for X.
It currently wont be of use to non-350 users untill I get video out wroking 
throiugh DirectFB.

In the mean time.  for framebuffer support, you will need qt/embedded.

You need to edit  mkspecs/qws/linux-x86-g++/qmake.conf  in the qt/embedded 
source directory and remove the -no-rtti directive on the QMAKE_CXXFLAGS 
line.  Follow the rest of the instructions for building qt/embedded.

At minimum you should add the following parameters to the configure command:

-thread -qt-sql-mysql -I/usr/include/mysql

Then build and install as per the instructions.

mythtv should then build using qt/embedded and give you framebuffer support.

To start the frntend:

mythfrontend -qws >/dev/null 2>&1

or you can redirect it to a file if you like.

I will be working on the video out via DirectFb for non-350 users now.


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