[mythtv] [PATCH] New filter API, first patch against CVS.

Andrew Mahone andrewmahone at eml.cc
Fri Nov 7 19:43:26 EST 2003

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 12:19:21 +0000, "thor"
<mythtv at lamedomainname.com> said:
> Checked the frame size before and after the call to the filter chain in
> videoout_xv.cpp, and the frame comes back with all dimensions set to 0.

Wait...  not the height/width that are passed in at init, but the
dimensions of processed *frames*?  No filters touch those, at least
intentionally, that makes it sound like a pointer somewhere is bad and
getting data written into the frames where it shouldn't be.  And if debug
printfs "fix" it, that's...  bad, really bad.  I've been using
linearblend,denoise3d at record time, and postprocess when playing, and
what I'm seeing is captions that have a tendency to flicker on and then
disappear.  Probably related?

Oh, and scratch what I said about the stuff with inpixfmt.  I got the
first YUV422P->YV12 filter done this morning, tested it, and it was
getting YV12 data.  Needless to say, the output was...  ugly.  I need to
take a better look at NVR and figure out how to make that work properly.
Also, funky lines in the output, no clue if they were the result of the
bad input or a goof in the code.  Probably going to try to fix format
selection first, just because KernelDeint has 3 or 4 pages of MMX macros
that I'm not too keen on having to look at ever again.
  Andrew Mahone
  andrewmahone AT eml DOT cc

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