[mythtv] conflict resolution

David Engel dlengel at attbi.com
Thu Nov 6 23:14:22 EST 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 02:17:19PM -0800, Bruce Markey wrote:
> >Could you elaborate, please.  I'm sure some idiosyncrasies will be
> >found once this gets wider use.
> Well I was deliberately vague because I didn't see anything
> else as being a "bug" that needed fixing. I was trying to do

OK.  Still, I'd like to hear about anything that doesn't work as

> bad things like setting the max episodes to 4 then marking 6
> of them to "record anyway". Somewhere in this test it picked
> different episodes than I would have guessed but it didn't
> break so what happens when you do the wrong thing is moot.

...like this.  Even if the result is technically correct, it should
still follow the principle of least surprise.

FWIW, the code that checks this was (and still is) somewhat incomplete
in that it only takes into account the number of episodes that have
already been recorded.  It should also count the number that *will* be
recorded.  There are some other areas where I think the scheduler
needs improvement, but they can wait.

> (other than removing the recurring title). Once you set an
> override you can only switch between override do and override
> don't. This is not a problem that would need a fix. 

I already knew about this, and I do want to fix it...

> It won't
> be a problem in practice and I believe any interface change
> to address this would be more confusing than helpful.

...exactly, the problem is how.  I thought of adding another button
for "Schedule it normally", but that doesn't really sound right.
There's also the issue of wanting to provide a consistent interface.
I thought of always having 3 buttons show up (OK, do/don't record and
schedule normally) and disabling the ones that aren't valid instead of
having a button show up sometimes and not others, but Myth doesn't
support that, AFAICT.

> Hum, I must not have been clear about where the bug is and
> didn't convinced you to try the test case. Let me try again =).
> In the record table there is a field called "recorddups". The

Yes, I know how recorddups works and believe I have not affected it's
behavior.  I still don't see any difference, and yes, I did try it...

> 4) From mythfrontend, go to TV->Schedule Recordings->Program
> Finder. Find "Nova". In the right column press "I". For 
> "Schedule:" choose "Record this program whenever it's shown
> anywhere". Press Enter.

...I did this (I wanted to record the Wright Brothers episode anyway).
There are 3 showings of just this episode coming up in my location.
The override version says the first showing will be recorded and the
second and third showings won't be recorded.  The unpatched version
says the first showing will be recorded and silently ignores the
second and third showings.  This is just as I would expect.

David Engel
dlengel at attbi.com

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