[mythtv] [PATCH] pair of patches for denoise3d filter, MMX update

Andrew Mahone andrewmahone at eml.cc
Tue Nov 4 07:35:38 EST 2003

This is a nearly complete rewrite the MMX codepath for denoise3d.  There are 
now four filter functions, denoise, denoiseMMX, denoise32, and denoise64.  
The last two use prefetch and are selected based on the detected cacheline 
size for your processor.  The prefetch versions are only a slight performance 
gain right now, at least on my system.  All three are significantly faster 
than the previous MMX code, and about 33% faster than the non-MMX code.  I'd 
like to get performance numbers for systems other than Athlon XP, if somebody 
else is willing to test.

Also included are  more comments, the removal of a few leftover comments from 
the mplayer code, and a fix for a minor bug with filter timing (the first 
time reported was wrong).

There are two versions, so I'm not attaching them to this email.  They are 
both at:


The "new" patch requires my previously-posted new filter API patch, the "old" 
should work against current CVS.  "old" is a backport of the "new" code, and 
is tested to compile without errors, but I have not built all of mythtv with 
the old filter code, so I have not tested it in use.  It should work, but try 
it on live tv before using it for anything important.
  Andrew Mahone
  andrewmahone AT eml DOT cc

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